Are you a virgin-first timer? Do you feel nervous about your first sexual encounter? In this section you will find the best selection of escorts who are recommended for persons like you. They all calm, well-mannered and they will help you overcome your fear, your stress and we guaranty that you will never forget your time with them.

As an agency we show great respect and understanding for virgins-first timers simply because we were once ourselves. To have a good chance of success please chose 3-4 girls that you like and then call use to find you the most appropriate one. We highly recommend going with the flow. There is always a chance for things to go wrong but we guarantee you that we will maximise your chance of having a special and positive first time.

Here are what some of our clients say about their first time experience:

Tommy: I’m in my mid 20s and I was always apprehensive around girls. I called the agency 2 days in advance and told them about my situation. The receptionist reassured me that he will do whatever it’s in his hand to help. He asked me which girls I like to gauge what Im after. He then recommended me 3 girls out of which I chose Kristina. Kristina was the perfect choice. She was very calm and made me feel at ease from the beginning. From there things took their course and I can happily say that my first time was very positive experience. Would like to thank auroraescorts and their receptionist for their help.