Do you remember your first kiss? No, not that one. Not the one that you had when you were young and naïve and had no experience at all. No, do you remember the first French kiss you had? Your lips sliding open, your hands grabbing at new flesh that’s now available to you. The first time you felt another person’s tongue slip into your mouth, exploring, discovering, learning new tricks. Were you on a bed? Or in the back of a car, a seatbelt digging into your back? Did you have the romantic comedy moment of a French kiss under the stars or in the rain? Do you remember the name of your first? What about your second? It gets fuzzier doesn’t it? That’s ok. We don’t judge here. We at Aurora only want to make all your dreams and old memories become reality. Where old memories fade new ones can now be made. Just look at our escorts. Find one that you enjoy and imagine kissing her. Find the one with lips you keep staring at. Imagine kissing her. Imagine her hands on your chest, tangling through your hair, tugging on it deliciously. Making you open your mouth, feeling the softness of her lips beneath yours. Imagine her tongue teasing you, begging for permission. You give her access and try to memorize her taste.

Again, the issue with imagining is it’s no where near as much fun as the real thing. Sure, it gets the job done, multiple times in some cases, but with the convenience and discretion that Aurora provides its clientele with… it seems like the only choice is which girl you’d like to make new memories with. It only takes a moment. One moment to pick the perfect woman for an unforgettable night with new things, not just kissing.