Do blondes really have more fun? Or is that just what the world wants you to believe? Have you ever thought about the darker world a brunette can show you? Imagine, just for a minute, a beautiful woman before you. Imagine her breasts, petite and perky or round and full, but soft nonetheless underneath your hand. Imagine her lips parting before you, in a smile, in a smirk, in a whimper, before you claim it with your own. Imagine the dark hair contrasting with light skin. Imagine it melting against dark skin. Can you see her? Standing there before you? Can you smell her? The decadent scent of her perfume, the smell of her shampoo as she walks by you…can you smell it? Can you hear her? Soft words whispering in your ear all the things she’ll do – all the things she’ll let you do--, a loud shriek as pleasure wracks her body? Can you feel her?  Her fingers trailing up and down your arm. Can you feel the softness of her lips, her breasts, the miles of skin under your hand as you feel the softness between her legs? Can you imagine her? Well? Can you?

Imagine. Imagine. Imagine.  Imagining is nowhere near as fun as the real thing, now is it? One phone call, one click, one step and all that imagining becomes reality. At Aurora, our brunette escorts defy the common misconception that blondes have more fun. They will enchant you from the first moment and make you want more. Plus, the best thing about brunettes? They are perfect for any occasion. Be it a dinner at a café or a fancy restaurant, followed by a night of wild unhinged passion, our beautiful escorts will not be satisfied until you are satisfied. That is a guarantee.