Warm water running over your body, relaxing the tense muscles and washing away the woes of the day. Everyone loves a good shower, but sometimes, it’s more fun if there’s someone else there with you. The cold air biting at your skin as you slip in and out of the water’s spray. The burning heat between your bodies as you press together, biting whatever skin you can, moans echoing against tiles of your shower. Need a cold shower yet?

When it comes to sex, doing it with an escort in shower offers different sensations that beds, couches, tables, don’t. Sure, there’s a smaller chance of slipping, but where’s the fun without some risk? There’s more maneuvering which allows for different positions that you would be used to. More than that, there’s so much to do in the shower. There’s a certain exhilaration when someone washes your hair for you. Their nails gently scraping against your scalp as they massage the shampoo into your roots. Rinsing the suds out, feeling another’s fingers running through your hair. Goosebumps raising on your skin. Or having someone else wash your body. Treating you like royalty and ready to respond to your every whim, give you whatever pleasure they can.

We at Aurora hope to make your evenings more… interesting. More fun, sexier. Our selected escorts will happily join you in the bathroom for a nice warm shower.  If you’re waiting for permission to find an escort for a far more interesting nighttime routine, I’ll tell you that you don’t need it. Why should you need anyone’s permission to have a good time? Why should you ask anyone if you can have one night of peace and fun and relaxation? You’re your own person and this is definitely an opportunity that you don’t want to pass on.