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Anal Erotic Stories


Daria (2017-12-23)


I lost my anal virginity when I was 18 and it was with my cousin. From a young age I liked older serious men that know what to do to a girl.


One day I went to my father's village and there it happened. I was in my cousin’s car and I took my jacket of because it was hot. The tight shirt I was wearing hardly was keeping my tits inside. My cousin got embarrassed but I could see in his eyes that he liked what he saw.


He asked me if I’m with any boy at the time. Nah I told him, all the boys from my school only know how to play Playstation. I prefer older men that know what they want. With these words, I built the mood. The truth is that I liked him and I hoped he will catch the innuendo.


-I would like someone like you for my free hours and this is the reason I came today. You're the guy that I like.


He had sweated.


-You're too small to say this ... he told me.

-Stop a little here in the field I told him.


He stopped and immediately I showed him my breasts.


-Don’t you like what you see?  What are you looking? Touch them.

-Please get dressed, I’m afraid that someone will see us, he replied.

-If you don’t grab my breasts I will start to scream and I will say that you tried to rape me.

-You are a little whore. Let’s go to my house. No one is there…

-OK I replied.


Ones we arrived we immediately started kissing and we got undress. His dick was upright and hard like a rock.


-Have you ever seen a dick like this?

-No. I replied

-I’m very horny. Do you have a condom with you. I feel I will explode.

-I don’t have with me. Don’t tell me that you don’t have a condom. You have to fuck me. I told him.

-I’m sorry but we have to cut it short. We can’t risk getting you pregnant. Unless you want me to give to you from the back door.

-Are you crazy? Have never done it from behind.

-Don’t worry I will be gentle. Have done it many time and I have a special technique.


I was lucky because he had a lubricant with him. He was gentle. He started fingering me with one finger and after that my ass got opened he put a second and then a third. My ass was wide open and ready to accommodate his big cock. It felt wonderful, pure joy. His dick was ripping my ass apart and I was loving it. The harder he was fucking me the more joy I was getting. He stopped for a moment to put more lubricant but I said no to him.


-I want it without.


He continue to fuck me hard and what came latter I couldn’t imagine. The best orgasm of life. From that moment on I was hooked. I continue to see my cousin for the next 3 months but unfortunately as all good thing it came to an end. Will never forget these days and I will be always grateful to my cousin that he teached me what pleasure is.