Name Tommy
Ladies Name Carmen S.
Date of Visit 17-10-2018
Time of Visit 05:00 pm
Duration of Visit 1 Hour
Looks 8 out of 10
Performance 7 out of 10
Comment Let me start by saying, not all the pictures are proper. Are taken by amateur photographer, not properly focusing on her actual attributes. She is not that tanned as she is shown, but definitely has a healthy tan to her. Her hair is a bit more longer and curlier, and her stomach a bit, bit rounder. Not saying she is fat, no, she is perfectly slim and trim. So let’s start with the experience. Carmen has a lot of skills, for sure, but it is her attitude that makes all the skills seem as if she is forcing herself to do this. She is filled with cheer, 80% of which is fake. Don’t get me wrong, she is eager to please, but during our time together, I felt as if most of the time she didn’t want to do it. At a point I just wanted to stop and talk to her, as I felt she wasn’t ready, but eventually we did fall into a beautiful, hot rhythm. We didn’t have any foreplay or games. Started off with some simple kissing, and groping. I should say, she has the perfect, pert breasts. I wanted to grope them even more but I knew that we didn’t have all the time that we needed, so I moved on ahead. I wanted to have more, but I was certain trying to do so would be a waste of time. Sex was great, that much I’ll admit. She is young and spiry, and knows how to please a man. And she also shows her pleasure, for real. She knows how to move her body, as she is really flexible, if she wants to be, and really, really beautiful as well.
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