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Welcome to Aurora Escorts!!! The freshest, coolest and classiest escort agency in London. Here you can find the best girls in town and you can be sure that what you see in the pictures is what you get. You can also be sure that when you make a booking the girl that you have chosen will be there waiting for you. You will never have to make the effort and spend your time for nothing just to learn that your chosen girl is with someone else and you will have to wait to see her. Here we don’t play games. Our agency is trustworthy, efficient and reliable.

Aurora Escorts has no fake picture policy and we guarantee that all the photos are 100% genuine.

Our agency is committed to providing excellent service oriented towards customer satisfaction. We only employ girls with good reputation. Our operators will always give you a genuine feedback about the girls so don’t be afraid to ask. After many years in the escort scene our understanding is that there is no girl that will always satisfy all the clients and there is also the element of chemistry between two people. We would like also our clients to understand that the girls are humans and they have good and bad days, like every one of us. We would like to ask them to be polite with the girls and reasonable with their expectations. We encourage our clients to write a review so the others can benefit from previous experiences.

Our list of clients include:

  • Well-known footballers
  • Famous owners of football clubs
  • Celebrated film stars
  • Famous TV stars
  • Influential singers
  • Heirs of prominent families

Aurora Escorts is proud to have literally helped thousands of girls that have been in financial difficulties and to have contributed towards improving the quality of their life. Below you can read what some of our girls say about their experience working with us.

Beatrice K.

*Beatrice K.* I’m from Romania and a single mother, taking care of a child with serious medical condition. Aurora Escorts gave me the opportunity to help my kid. Working in London has given me the resources to pay all the medical bills and save my child’s life. I will always be grateful.

Mariana O.

*Mariana O.*I was a student in London and becoming an escort gave me the opportunity to pay my tuition fees and also get to attend my lectures. Now I’m 27yo married with children and working as a bank manager in City. I would advise any girl to follow my example. If I made it in life, then anyone can. Aurora you are the best!!!

Nancy O.

*Nancy O.* From a young age I loved boys and it felt incredibly satisfied when I made them happy. Becoming an escort was the best thing I have done in my life. I have a job that offers me a lot of money and I surely enjoy it very much. My motto is women are here to give pleasure to men and men are here to provide pleasure and resources to women. Thank you Aurora for making my dreams come true.

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5 start london escort agency

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